Services Provided

Tree Frog Permaculture provides a ‘choose your own adventure’ service… each client has varying desires/requirements and we endeavor to tailor the service to suit a range of spaces, time constraints and budgets.

  • Consultation: Maybe you just want some on-the-spot professional advice or someone to help reconfirm and consolidate what you have done so far? A Site Inspection can provide this and/or the precursor to a Design or Action Session.
  • Design: Custom Permaculture Designs ranging in size and complexity… from a balcony conversion through to hobby farms and larger properties. Clients can choose to just brief the design or be taken through the design process for their project.
  • Education: Personal tutoring, teaching smaller groups/families, School and Community Classes, Workshops and talks, etc… These can be arranged for a wide variety of subjects and content, Eg; Introduction to Permaculture, Design Elements, Nutrient Cycling/DIY Fertilisers, Natural Pest Control, Food Forests, Aquaculture, Water Conservation, Temperature regulation and Microclimates, Companion Planting, Pollinator support, Native Bees, Seed Saving, Plant and Seed propagation, Habitat creation, Native Gardening, etc etc…
  • Implementation/Garden Action: can include maintenance of an already established Permaculture (productive) garden, Permaculture alterations of any property or garden, or creating Permaculture system from scratch (post design).

NB: Ongoing phone and email support are complimentary to any project Design or Implementation!

Call 0403 903 973 or email Lachlan at to book any of the above!!

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