Lachlan has done wonders with our garden. We have a large block (8oo square metres) and a lot of old established trees, as well as more recent permaculture plantings and ornamentals. We are all very busy and do not get a lot of time to work in the garden in most weeks. We have employed Lachie for four hours a week and he is really helping us to make this work. He is the complete expert on horticulture and permaculture matters. For example, he knows how to prune a citrus to maximize sun exposure and prevent insect and disease infestation, as well as what organic methods to use if you have a problem. All our fruit and nut trees have benefited immensely from his expertise. He can also build garden structures and uses whatever is available to make things that look good in the garden. He is great at tidying up an area that is getting messy and invaded by weeds. Our garden would be a completely unproductive patch of weeds without his constant help. He has a copious knowledge of useful permaculture species for the Newcastle region and where to get hold of them. He works like a demon, he is very strong and accomplishes more in four hours than I would get through in three times that period. He is a great person to work with, easy to get along with, he is happy to do any task that you suggest, however menial, and accomplish it with flair. His enthusiasm is infectious and really helps you to add your own work to what he has accomplished. He is also great at coming up with ideas and suggestions as to how to improve your permaculture plantings and crops, but he is not pushy and is quite happy to work with what you are doing. I would totally recommend him for any gardening work from full scale permaculture design for a large rural property to working on a backyard plot for a few weeks. His rates are really cheap compared to gardeners advertising in the yellow pages so contact him now before huge demand runs him off his feet!

Terry Leahy
Author of “Permaculture Strategy for the South African Villages”


Permaculture workshops – FEEDBACK COMMENTS 

– “Instructor enthusiastic and conveys knowledge well…”

– “Excellent course notes followed up by hands-on experience…”

– “Great facilitator, each week focussed on a different element of gardening…”

– “Just wonderful, Lachlan was so with it – loved the practical and theory…”

– “All good, balance of lecture and practical excellent…”

– “Very informative, very friendly and helpful…”

– “Group interaction with an excellent presenter…”

– “Best course aspects include; Presenter (Lachlan) and ease of implementing new garden concepts…”

– “Very informative!.”

– “Well informed presenter with emphasis on Permaculture.”

– “Friendliness – Leader + organiser expertise – freedom to ask questions.”

– “Best aspects – every part, every lesson.”

– “Lachlan is great, informal and friendly.”

– “Everything was great!”


“Hi Lachlan!
Just thought I’d send you an ‘ihug’!
We’ve had 30mm of rain in 24 hrs (on top of substantial falls last week)
and I have to tell you that the Farm swales are AMAZING! ……..full of beautiful water AND the big one up the top is approx 2/3 full of organic matter and it has drained beautifully to the end, ready to send runoff down to the bottom one. You are a legend!
Many many thanks, We’ll be in touch. :)”

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