A quick note on the state of the world…

Of recent I have watched a few documentaries with focus on and around Industrial Agriculture, Food security, Energy security, world ecology and human induced climate change. While I am acutely aware of so many problems in the world I try to remain positive and feel obligated to share a list of a few of these as they cover subjects very pertinent and dire but also rays of hope and realistic solutions.

I realise most people reading a Permaculture blog are probably coming from the right place already… but if that’s you, suggest them to someone you know that will benefit from the enlightenment I hope the global community to achieve in the very near future. 🙂

Life and Debt (2001)
The Coconut Revolution (2001)
The Future of Food (2004)
Big Sugar (2005)
King Corn (2007)
Gasland (2011)
Home (2011)
The Last Mountain (2011)
Growing Change (2011)

THE RANT: Every year the scientific evidence just keeps building that our way of life is truly unsustainable on a global scale. Economies severely addicted to non-renewable resources such as oil and coal which cause a plethora of environmental problems in both extraction and use. We have the renewable technology, the powers that be just don’t seem to be able to make the leap. Maybe I can inspire an energy revolution in Australia?
So many countries classed as ‘the third world’, perhaps strangely named seeing as they are inextricable linked to the other ‘worlds’ by the shared atmosphere, oceans and forests. A shared life-support system if you will… The people of these countries are driven into continued and increasingly drastic environmental degradation simply in an effort to survive. This occurs as the vast majority of the world’s resources and material wealth concentrate with a global minority; namely large corporations and individuals of the “first world”.
Living in a first world country I feel privileged in a lot of ways, considering I am in a stable enough situation to be able to address these things instead of the struggle to survive dominating my thoughts. In many other ways I feel guilty/disgusted as I observe many of these trends first hand and have limited power as a sole individual to influence them at the speed they need to be (besides providing inspiration and a good example of the correct path that is).
These things are no longer political issues, they are cold hard facts brought to us by a vast scientific majority which is why I feel I can write about them on a business blogsite. Permaculture stands for equality or fair-share as one of its core ethics and human welfare is so strongly connected to the environment it must not be overlooked in the strive for a better world. 🙂
On a final note; “Its too late to be a pessimist”, an excellent quote which helped inspire this blog entry from the documentary film ‘Home (2011)’. All signs from the most recent data indicate the exponential disintegration of our environment. If our children are to have a living world to support them as it has our generations, the people must take action… now. Information is key to making informed decisions, shop wisely, become self-sufficient, talk to your neighbours, skillshare, get involved in greening your community and above all… DON’T LOSE HOPE. 🙂

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